St. Helena Pet Sitters, serving the Upper Napa Valley area, offers in home visits to feed, care and play with your pet. Our alternative professional pet care and pet sitting solutions present the best choice for your pets while you’re away from home. In home care is a relief to most owners who no longer have to impose on family members, friends and neighbors. Our staff attends classes to keep current with the new methods of pet care and to maintain consistent skills.

At St Helena Pet Sitters, we like to understand your needs before assigning a rate for your pet care. We have a basic guideline we observe, but have some flexibility in pricing for different levels of service. We base our pricing on many factors. Including type of pets you have, driving distance, type and frequency of services you will require. Please feel free to call & book a complimentary meeting so we can work up a plan for services designed to meet your specific needs and budget.

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